Tina Tillander

CEO & Jewellery designer

I was born into a family where creativity and artistic expression was part of our daily life. I've always been a bit wild at heart, both as an individual and a designer. I can wake up in the night, having an idea in mind and conclude that it will be absolutely LOVELY when completed. I adore colours which are almost without exception the main focus in my pieces. In addition, contrasts of colours and materials intrigue me and in my jewellery design I continuously try explore different ways to exhibit these.

I'm a goldsmith in fifth generation and graduated as master gemmologist in 1984 as 16 years old. My knowledge of pearls which I've gained through to studies in Japan is my strongest asset.

The freedom my father allowed me has had a significant impact on my career as it stimulated creativity. I believe it is important that all the members of our staff have this freedom to fulfil themselves. The fact that also my mother was part of the business has been significant for the business because without her my father would not have been able to focus as whole heartedly on his work.

I value family team work and I appreciate that our entire team form a seamless entity. I have respect for traditions but in the same time I believe in continuous development. Personally I think it is important to follow time and trends and allow these to become sources of inspiration for work.

You can find me on Instagram @tinatillander.


- Tina Tillander

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